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The NRCS Photo Gallery contains natural resource and conservation related photos from across
the USA.

Photos in the Gallery are available free of charge in two common image formats: TIFF or JPEG.  Image resolution is generally 1500 x 2100 pixels (5" x 7" at 300 dpi).  TIFF images are 32 bit
RGB color, ranging from 6 mb to 12 mb in size.  JPEG images are 24 bit RGB color ranging from
200 kb to 400 kb in size.

If you use any of these photos in a publication, on a web site, or as part of any other project,
please use one of the following credit lines:

  • Photo by (photographer's name), USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.
  • Photo courtesy of USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.
  • Photo courtesy of USDA NRCS. 

These photos may not be used to infer or imply NRCS endorsement of any product, company, or position. Please do not distort or alter the images the photos portray. If the NRCS material is to be used for commercial purposes, especially including advertisements, it must not explicitly or implicitly convey NRCS’s endorsement of a company, product, service or position. If an NRCS image includes an identifiable person, using the image for commercial purposes may infringe that person’s right of privacy or publicity, and permission should be obtained from the person. Any questions regarding application of any NRCS image or emblem should be directed to .